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8. Finding Story

CMI x AMA Curriculum

About the Class

Every brand has a voice and while the voice belongs to the brand, the stories it tells may not actually be about the brand. The brand story is different from the brand’s stories, namely the content marketing stories created to support the brand. This creates a struggle for content marketers as a company’s value statements may not be something that can be used as the foundation of the story. Explore the creation of Value Propositions from Points of View and a framework for each. 

  • Module: The Brand and The Brand’s Stories The Difference and Apostrophe Makes (15 Minutes) 
    Talking about the difference between developing brand messaging and content marketing messaging.
  • Module: Development of the Story and our Value Proposition and Messaging Architecture (20 Minutes) 
    How do develop a brand story so that we create consistent value propositions that are impactful.
  • Module: Case Study and Exercise: Finding Both The Value & The Story (10 Minutes)  
    Checking in on our ongoing case study and an exercise in developing both a value proposition and a brand story

About the Instructor

Robert Rose

Chief Content Advisor, Content Marketing Institute

Robert is the founder and Chief Strategy Officer of The Content Advisory – the consulting and advisory group of The Content Marketing Institute. As a coach and strategist, Robert has worked with marketers at more than 500 companies including global brands such as adidas, Roche, Salesforce, NASA, and Hilton. 

Robert is the author of four books. His latest, Content Marketing Strategy, was published by Kogan Page in September 2023, and was called “a rich and much-needed understanding of content marketing” by Professor Philip Kotler. Robert is also an early-stage investor and advisor to a number of technology startups, serving on the advisory boards of a number of companies, such as DivvyHQ, and BrandLens.